TaeKwon Do

ELIAS URANG OF Middlebury, age 5, breaks a board. Urang earned high red belt in TaeKwon Do this spring in preparation for his black belt assessment in December.
ADDISON COUNTY — Despite most activities being canceled due to COVID-19, students from TaeKwon Do KICKS in Middlebury, Vergennes, Orwell and Hinesburg kept on kicking. March and April were spent doing Zoom classes, which were taught three times a day every weekday. May started the transition to outside group classes. Students trained at different locations through rain and 90-degree temperatures, only canceling if there were thunderstorms. These students have been dedicated and working with much support from their families and have been able to still earn new belts. Some received the rank of...
ADDISON COUNTY — Regardless of how much a person knows about martial arts, everyone understands the importance of a person receiving black belt in that art. Reaching black belt is a major accomplishment that requires years of training, dedication, hard work and focus. Statistically, out of 100 students that start a martial art, only 10 make it to black belt. During 2019, Master Kellie Thomas (6th degree black belt) owner and head instructor of TaeKwon Do KICKS promoted 39 students ranging in age from 7 to adults to different black belt ranks.  All martial arts black belt requirements are...

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