Words I never expected to say: “After the tornado went through our front yard….” Yet I heard myself say exactly that to my children on the evening of March 26, 2021. It sounded so ludicrous, so absolutely unbelievable, that I broke down in giggles. “Uh, Mommy,” my daughter asked, “do you have post-traumatic stress?” Maybe. Probably. I suppose some degree of trauma is inevitable in a year when I’m learning that no matter how ludicrous, how absolutely unbelievable something seems, it can still happen. “Is this actually happening?” I’ve wondered numerous times over the past year: when the COVID-...

ON TUESDAY A couple dozen neighbors came to the site of the tornado off Painter Road and helped homeowners clean up their property and recover what could be salvaged. Independent photo/Megan James
MIDDLEBURY — After a tornado tore across a mile of the Painter Road neighborhood in Middlebury this past Friday afternoon, one youngster went to the hospital with minor injuries and another young woman was shaken up after the twister roughed her up a bit, but no serious injuries were reported. The same can’t be said for the damage to a few structures and the landscape. But overall, the incident seemed to be about a some measure of physical damage and another measure of fear. “What I’m thankful for is that I have a roof over my head,” said Cheryl Werner, whose home was in the path of the...

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