MOOSE ARE MORE likely to be crossing the road at this time of year, so keep your eyes open to avoid collision. photo VTF&W/Benjamin Young
MONTPELIER — Drivers need to be alert and cautious because moose are on the move, according to the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department. Moose are more likely to be crossing roadways at this time of year, especially after dark or early in the morning because this is breeding season for moose. “Motorists hit 57 moose on Vermont highways during 2018 and 36 so far this year,” said State Game Warden Major George Scribner. “We are asking drivers to be especially careful and for people to enjoy watching moose from a distance. Moose can be unpredictable and dangerous if you get too close and they...
Hillsides ablaze with color  orchards open for picking  offering fresh cider and doughnuts.  Harvest dinners, farmers markets  crisp cool nights under down quilts,  at every turn a new glory to behold.  That’s October in Vermont.  Miriam Hard  Middlebury 

BRIAN KEMP, A member of the Payment for Ecosystem Services Working Group, said farmers should get paid for the work they do to help the ecosystem, but he doesn’t think taxpayers should be the source of payment. Independent file photo/Emma Cotton
WATERBURY — A group of farmers, agricultural organizations and state and federal regulators last week began developing a plan for paying Vermont farmers to implement conservation projects on their land.  The case for this is simple:  Vermont has 1.2 million acres of agricultural land and must meet ambitious water quality goals set forth by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Clean Water Act. As Vermont dairy farmers face the fifth year of low milk prices — sometimes below the cost of production — some say those farmers should be paid for the conservation work and the environmental...
The Addison Central School District (ACSD) school board is intending to “consolidate” three small town schools within the district by beginning a “facilities study” to determine which schools are or are not worthy of remaining open. The Ripton Elementary School would be a likely target of these planned school closings. Although the board appears to be focused on which school facilities would save the most money through closure, I argue that there is more to a small Vermont school than just financial considerations. Each small school in Vermont reflects the needs and diversity of the community...
From mid-September to mid-October, Vermont’s Green Mountains transform into a vibrant landscape of gold, red, yellow and orange. It’s the ultimate fall foliage destination, with over one million visitors traveling to Vermont in the month of October alone. Here they capture memories while enjoying Vermont specialty products and attractions with mountain vistas, picturesque lakes, classic New England villages and countryside ablaze with color. While Vermont tourism is thriving and our brand is strong, visitor impacts go beyond lifetime memories and Instagrammable moments; last year, visitors...
MONTPELIER — The Vermont Farm & Forest Viability Program, a program of the Vermont Housing and Conservation Board, has grant funds available for on-farm capital improvement projects that have a positive impact on water quality. Eligible farmers can apply for a Water Quality Grant, which provides $5,000 to $40,000 in funding. Matching funds are required and may include federal or state grants as well as cash, loans, or labor. Application deadlines are Nov. 8, 2019, and February 7, 2020. Water Quality Grants help farmers make water quality-related capital improvements that enhance manure...
Vermont is known for its beautiful landscape and Green Mountains, and we work hard to preserve the open space, the trees, the environment, the air quality, the water, the wildlife, and the wetlands, but we often forget to protect and preserve the peace and quiet. Peace and quiet is the essence of Vermont, and we must maintain diligence to preserve and protect it.  Our zoning districts were created to allow for peace and quiet in our residential and agricultural neighborhoods and our commercial districts/downtown spaces were built to allow for large groups of people, noise, artificial lighting...

BURLINGTON ARTIST KEVIN Ruelle paints his Vermont travel posters en plein air. See Ruelle’s work in “Vermont Art Deco” on view at Art on Main in Bristol now through Columbus Day.
BRISTOL — Art on Main in Bristol has a new exhibit on view, featuring work from Burlington-artist Kevin Ruelle. Ruelle has created a series of faux vintage travel posters inspired by Vermont's unique tourist past: nostalgic, not only in theme but also in the way they were painted, traditional airbrush and watercolor. The owner of Ruelle Design & Illustration for over 30 years, located in Burlington, this artist specializes in technical illustrations, book illustrations, packaging art, illustrated maps, cartooning, and decorative art. Other works include impressionist landscapes from New...
ST. ALBANS — A large group of local dairy farmers who voted to merge their Vermont milk marketing and processing cooperative with a national competitor are now waiting to see if the move will pay off.  Their hope is that the bigger operation will enable Vermont farms to send more dairy products into the international markets to create greater stability for co-op members after years of depressed bulk milk prices.  Representatives of the St. Albans Cooperative Creamery’s roughly 360 member farms late last month voted to authorize a merger between the independent cooperative and Dairy Farmers of...
MONTPELIER — Starting Sept. 1, Vermonters must be at least 21 years old to purchase and possess tobacco products or paraphernalia. The new law also includes tobacco-substitute products, such as e-cigarettes. Health officials say the increase in buying age will help protect youth from nicotine addiction and potentially toxic chemicals. Commonly known as Tobacco 21, the new law is expected to reduce smoking rates over time and ultimately save lives. An estimated 95 percent of adult smokers started smoking by the time they reached age 21, so restricting access to these products will help prevent...


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