Your editorial “Let small schools prove themselves” and the article written by Mr. Ross “Addison gears up for school closure fight” (both published in the Independent on Oct. 24) made me sick to my stomach, due to both the lack of investigative reporting on the issue and the false narrative that you chose to perpetuate of the school board as the villain. The school board is composed of ordinary people who care deeply about schools and education; they are our neighbors and we elected them to oversee the ANWSD (Addison Northwest School District). Neither of you took time to interview school...

ORGANIZERS OPPOSED TO closing Addison Central School put up this sign not far from the Addison Town Clerk’s Office on Tuesday. Voters overwhelmingly defeated elementary school closure proposals in Addison and Ferrisburgh. Independent photo/Steve James
ADDISON & FERRISBURGH — On Tuesday voters in Addison and Ferrisburgh, by large margins, rejected the Addison Northwest School District’s proposal to close Addison Central School (ACS) and Ferrisburgh Central School (FCS) on June 30, 2020. In Addison the tally was 373 opposed and 123 in favor. In Ferrisburgh: 884 opposed–160 in favor. Voter turnout was 46 percent in Addison and 45 percent in Ferrisburgh. “Our towns have spoken through (this) vote — both strongly opposed to closing Addison’s and Ferrisburgh’s schools,” wrote Addison resident Ashley Paquette in an email on behalf of Addison’...
ADDISON — In a letter mailed to town residents on Oct. 31, the Addison selectboard has outlined a number of questions and concerns about the Addison Northwest School District’s proposal to close Addison Central School next year. “We believe the school district is rushing us into voting to close our school before the town and residents have had an opportunity to weigh all the facts and participate in the decision-making about this issue,” the letter says. The ANWSD serves Addison, Ferrisburgh, Panton, Vergennes and Waltham, and oversees four schools — Addison Central School (ACS), Ferrisburgh...
VERGENNES — The Addison Northwest School District will host two voter information meetings on Monday, Nov. 4 — the night before elementary school-closure votes in Addison and Ferrisburgh. The first meeting will be held at 5 p.m. at the Addison Central School and the second at 7 p.m. at the Ferrisburgh Central School. The next day, Tuesday, Nov. 5, ANWSD will ask Addison and Ferrisburgh voters to approve its plan to close those two schools on June 30, 2020. The district has suggested that because of declining enrollment and increased costs, keeping the two schools open would require program...
FERRISBURGH/ADDISON — After selectboards in Addison and Ferrisburgh early last week declined a school board request to hold votes on closing the elementary schools in those towns, the future of that vote proposal was only partially clarified by Friday afternoon.  What remains clear is that many residents in both towns are deeply skeptical of the Addison Northwest School District’s proposal.  On Tuesday, Oct. 1, both towns’ selectboards declined to honor the Addison Northwest School District board’s request to warn a Nov. 5 vote for the purpose of asking Addison and Ferrisburgh residents if...

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