PERENNIALS NOT CUT back for winter provide an appealing ornamental contrast to the bleak winter landscape and serve as a source of food for winter birds. Photo by Bonnie Kirn Donahue
It's happened again. Leaves are getting crispy, flowers are going to seed and the air is beginning to cool. As hard frosts become a reality, it is almost time to start thinking about cutting back our perennials and putting our gardens to bed. I’d like to propose that we think about this time of year a little differently. In fact, leaving some perennials and grasses up throughout the winter can be beneficial for many reasons. One reason not to cut back your plants for the winter is aesthetics. Although it might be hard to watch your plants dry out, turn brown and go to seed (it is for me),...
I remember the cold coming on when I lived in the Northeast Kingdom. Seeing the first of the early morning frost and hearing trucks backing up to homes and dumping loads of cut logs. The logs were split into manageable sizes and tossed down bulkheads into the basement. We would stack and fill the basement high with dry wood to prepare the old Vermont parsonage for the winter months.  In our offices at CVOEO now is the time that families with young children and older Vermonters come in asking for money to help with notice of electricity disconnections. It is a sign that the cold is coming. It...

SHERI SULLIVAN HAS been hired as the new food programs manager and operations assistant at the Charter House Coalition’s warming shelter at 27 North Pleasant St. The shelter is adding new staff and completing renovations in anticipation of increased demand for services this winter. Independent photo/John Flowers
MIDDLEBURY — The Charter House Coalition (CHC) has hired additional staff and is putting the finishing touches on major upgrades to its Middlebury warming shelter at 27 North Pleasant St. in anticipation of serving a steady stream of homeless clients that will grow as the weather gets colder. CHC is a non-profit, volunteer-based organization dedicated to providing basic food and housing to those in need in and around Middlebury. The organization operates a year-round shelter for individuals, and can also accommodate up to five families during the cold season, Oct. 14-April 20. Coalition Co-...
Winter is a terrible time of year. It’s cold. It’s dark. You have to spend a half hour putting on heavy clothing just to walk to the mailbox. We all have chronic seasonal depressive disorder. And many of us flee to Florida to escape. I do not. I would not. For me, winter is a difficult season, but it is also the season of magic. The first snowfall. The suddenness of darkness after the clocks change. The whiteness of the winter snow in the moonlight. The terrifying lostness when suddenly you find yourself in a snowstorm, surrounded by whiteness with no idea where to go — and then you find your...

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