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The Addison Independent was founded in 1946 with the closing of the Middlebury Register. The AI has always been a family-owned independent newspaper. Current publisher/editor Angelo Lynn has been at the helm for more than 20 years.

The Addison Independent is as much a part of the local community as many of the institutions covered on the front page.

Being a community newspaper means that the AI's award-winning editorial staff covers local events in a way that's different from a large metropolitan or regional daily. The aim is to tell readers about their friends and neighbors and about events in local government, schools, sports and business that affect how readers live. The AI also provides readers everything they need to know about local entertainment and events.

The editorial staff is wholly separate from the newspaper's advertising staff, who are responsible for selling space both for display ads and classifieds.

News is printed at no charge, while advertising is bought and sold; the only way to guarantee space in the paper is through paid advertising.

In addition to the editorial and advertising staffs, the Addison Independent employs graphic designers, circulation people, receptionists, and accounting personnel - all of whom contribute to the day-to-day workings of the paper.

Call us at 802-388-4944.

Who we are:

Andy Kirkaldy - Reporter - andyk@addisonindependent.com

Angelo S. Lynn - Editor/Publisher - angelo@addisonindependent.com

Bridget Sullivan - Front Office/ Circulation - subscriptions@addisonindependent.com

Christopher Ross - Reporter - christopherr@addisonindependent.com

Christy Lynn - Advertising Manager - christy@addisonindependent.com

Dennis Smith - Driver (Circulation)

Elsie Lynn Parini - Business Manager - elsie@addisonindependent.com

Information Technologies - webmaster@addisonindependent.com

John Ebert - Driver (Circulation)

John Flowers - Reporter - johnf@addisonindependent.com

John McCright - News Editor - news@addisonindependent.com

Kelly Bolduc - Bookkeeper - bookkeeping@addisonindependent.com

Megan James - Online/Social Media Editor - meganj@addisonindependent.com

Meg Madden - Legals/Advertising - legals@addisonindependent.com

Melissa Strong - Assistant Director of Marketing - melissas@addisonindependent.com

Sarah Pope - Copy Editor - calendar@addisonindependent.com obits@addisonindependent.com

Sue Miller - Graphic Designer

Susan Leggett - Production Manager - suel@addisonindependent.com

Sydney Starkman - Advertising Representative- sydneys@addisonindependent.com
Trent Campbell - Photographer - photos@addisonindependent.com
Vicki Nolette - Front Office / Accounts Receivable - vickin@addisonindependent.com

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