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** Please note that as of 4/2/20 we have suspended the publication of our Monday paper and are printing just the Thursday edition each week. However, we are publishing daily online and have expanded our offerings for digital advertising and email marketing. Ask our advertising department for details! 


For the Thursday edition Arts & Leisure setion : Thursday prior at noon

For the Thursday edition A/B section : Monday prior 5:00 p.m.

Proof Ad : 24 hours before deadline

Mechanical Measurements

The Addison Independent uses column/inch sizing. Ads must conform to the following column widths and may be any height to the .25".

Thursday edition Arts & Leisure page size: 5 columns (9.25") wide x 12.25" tall

Thursday edition A/B section page size: 6 columns (12.5") wide X 20.25" tall


Column Widths

1 column = 1.83 inches wide

2 columns = 3.81 inches wide

3 columns = 5.79 inches wide

4 columns = 7.77 inches wide

5 columns = 9.75 inches wide

6 columns 12.5 inches wide


Give us a call at 802 388 4944 or email

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