Local composer premieres requiem in El Paso

COMPOSER JORGE MARTIN from Addison was tapped to compose a piece to commemorate the victims and survivors of the tragic 2019 shooting at the Walmart in El Paso, Texas. He headed to Texas earlier this week to prepare for the premiere this weekend. Independent photo/Steve James

When Addison composer Jorge Martín received a phone call from El Paso, Texas, back in early 2020, he figured it was probably spam. Thankfully he picked up.

'It gives us hope': Alaskan Nets

D.J. KING, THE best player on the Metlakatla basketball team, is one of the central characters in “Alaskan Nets,” the film that won the Best Feature Documentary Award at the 2021 Middlebury New Filmmakers Festival.

I remember a chance meeting with Lloyd Komesar at the Middlebury Market on a sunny summer day.

Have you heard about goatscaping?

ZORA, THE LEADER of the “goatscaping” herd hired to clear away brush in an eco-friendly way, digs into her job on a Middlebury property. Photo by Doreen Peterson

Zora, quiet, commanding, leader, with purple graced around her neck, motions the group she has charge of. A nod of the head indicating this is my area, you work that patch.


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