Kellerman is retiring from John Graham

PETER KELLERMAN IS leaving the top administrative post at Vergennes-based John Graham Housing & Services after leading the nonprofit through seven eventful years. Photo courtesy Peter Kellerman

VERGENNES — Chronologically, Peter Kellerman has served seven years as executive director of John Graham Housing & Services (JGH&S), a Vergennes nonprofit that runs a homeless shelter, tran

COVID & Community: Debunking misconceptions about the virus

MIDDLEBURY COLLEGE STUDENT Megan Job is shown at a Black Lives Matter protest in New York City this past summer. Job, left, and the others are wearing masks, which studies showed likely reduced the spread of coronavirus at BLM protests this past summer. Photo by Karen Yi courtesy of Gothamist/WNYC

This is part of the package of COVID-related stories produced by Middlebury College students in Professor Lindsay Repka's biochem class during the fall of 2020.


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