Ripton Community Coffee House hosts Buffalo Rose online

BUFFALO ROSE WILL perform live online for the Ripton Community Coffee House on Saturday, Feb. 6, at 7:30 p.m. Find links for viewing the concert and more at

The Ripton Community Coffee House presents the harmony string sextet Buffalo Rose to an online concert on Saturday, Feb. 6, at 7:30 p.m., and invites everyone to enjoy the music from their comfortable, socially distanced own living room. Viewers can find links to the concert at, as well find ways to donate their “entrance fee” directly to the musicians, if they so choose.

The six members of Buffalo Rose have previous experience in genres as far flung as folk and punk, but joined together through a love of acoustic music. Buffalo Rose commandeers the shimmering and electrifying riffs of the mandolin (Bryce Rabideau), the cascading guitar arpeggios of folk and bluegrass (Shane McLaughlin), the ringing purity of the dobro (Malcolm Inglis), and the steady percussive thrum of upright bass (Jason Rafalak), providing a effervescent blanket of sound under and around which the ethereal harmonies of Lucy Clabby, Rosanna Spindler, and McLaughlin float. There’s a singular beauty in every Buffalo Rose song, whether the group is covering Madonna’s “Borderline” or delivering their stirring original material.

While the pandemic keeps us from gathering in one location, the music continues online, though sadly without the open mic or delicious baked goods.  For more information call 802-388-9782.

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