Vergennes Police Log: Vergennes and Bristol police join forces

VERGENNES — Vergennes police are working with Bristol police to investigate a possible child pornography case, according to Vergennes Chief George Merkel.

Merkel said the case involves alleged nude photos of a juvenile, and an investigation is ongoing.

In other activity between Feb. 8 and 14, Vergennes police conducted 22 motorized and three foot patrols and one property watch; ticketed three vehicles left on city streets in violation of the city’s overnight winter parking ban; dealt with one false alarm and one accidental 911 call; and also:

On Feb. 8 secured an unlocked door at a New Haven Road business.

On Feb. 9:

•  Helped a motorist whose car had broken down on Main Street.

•  Helped a citizen try to find a lost phone on Main Street.

On Feb. 10 took a report that a car parked on Green Street had been hit by a truck, which knocked its side mirror off.

On Feb. 11:

•  Responded to an unfounded report of an odor of drugs at a Hillside Drive apartment.

•  Sent two officers to make a safe-driving presentation to local students.

•  Calmed an arguing couple on a West Main Street sidewalk.

On Feb. 12 looked into a complaint from a Hillside Drive resident that flower pots on a patio had been vandalized and determined the damage had been done by cold weather freezing water in the pots.

On Feb. 13 took a report from a Northlands Job Corps employee that a local resident had been riding around the center on a bicycle at 4:30 a.m. that morning. Police plan to follow up.

On Feb. 14:

•  Checked the welfare of an upset woman on a Main Street sidewalk who had an argument with a roommate. Police determined she was OK, but said she should call them if she needed help.

•  Secured an unlocked door at a Main Street business.

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