A few years ago, I read about a little girl in the UK who had made friends with the crows in her yard. Noting that they picked up any food that had been dropped, she started throwing out dog kibble, and they started showing up every day. Big deal, right? Pigeons are always landing in our yard to eat the corn I scatter for my chickens. But the crows were different: They brought the girl gifts in return — a bent paper clip one week, an old button the next. They left dozens of items over the years. Pigeons might be good at things like carrying secret messages behind enemy lines, but they’re just...
Editor’s note: When seeing a huge flock of crows off Seminary Street Extension in Middlebury recently, this correspondent was reminded of something he wrote a decade ago. I wish I knew more languages, and one of the languages I’d like most to learn is crow. Not Crow Indian, but the language used by the troupe of hundreds of crows who arrive in Middlebury en masse every spring — quite the sight if you happen to be outdoors when they arrive. After lengthy discussion, they appear to divide the town between different groups, and the spring crowtown meeting breaks up. In the fall, they regroup and...
If you’ve walked around downtown Middlebury at dusk this winter, you’ve seen them: thousands of crows streaming across the sky, gathering in trees, raucously caw-cawing. What are they doing? How many are there? Have there always been so many crows in Middlebury?  We got in touch with Ron Payne of the Otter Creek Audubon Society, to get the scoop on the flock. “I haven’t gotten a good count this year, but from what I’ve seen, the flock doesn’t seem larger than it has been in the past few years,” he admitted. “But big flocks in the village are still a relatively new thing, only becoming common...

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