I remember the cold coming on when I lived in the Northeast Kingdom. Seeing the first of the early morning frost and hearing trucks backing up to homes and dumping loads of cut logs. The logs were split into manageable sizes and tossed down bulkheads into the basement. We would stack and fill the basement high with dry wood to prepare the old Vermont parsonage for the winter months.  In our offices at CVOEO now is the time that families with young children and older Vermonters come in asking for money to help with notice of electricity disconnections. It is a sign that the cold is coming. It...
“I hungry, Gamma”, said my two-year-old granddaughter. I would rend heaven and earth to make sure she had something to eat. And it was easily done with good options. Still, my heart stopped when I heard her words. Vermont is in a struggle to feed 4,619 children verbalizing the same words, “I’m hungry,” because the Federal Nutrition Services proposed a rule on July 24, to close the broad-based categorical eligibility that presently allows children up to 185 percent of the Federal Poverty Level to receive benefits. That affects 5,204 households in Vermont. This is a proposed rule. We have until...
On any given Sunday evening volunteers at a local church in Burlington feed between 80 and 130 hungry people. The food is homemade, nutritious and delicious. The crowd is intergenerational. Some are homeless, some are food insecure and some appreciate the company and the safe space offered. With two tables laden with food and volunteers at the ready to serve, the first items on the line to be depleted are the vegetables and the second is the salad. Homemade apple sauce with no added sugar and whole fresh fruit is gone before the meal is over. “Time” magazine reported on Oct. 3, 2018, that “...
She is a single mother of two children aged 8 and 10 years. The family became homeless initially due to domestic violence. She coped by staying at a motel while occasionally couch surfing at a family member’s home for nearly four months. The family found an apartment and applied for security deposit assistance through the Housing Opportunity grant. The family’s gross monthly income is $2,407. The Area Median Income eligibility cut off for a three person household for the assistance is $2,067 gross monthly income. Her application was denied by the Housing Review Team due to being over income...
It was Damber who told the story. “Although my mother has chronic migraine headaches, she loves to work and wants to help. My father works the night shift so that he can help in the store during the day. My youngest sister, who is in Essex Middle School, also helps out.” “In 1992 we fled to Nepal from Bhutan, where the political situation was worsening. We lived in a refugee camp in eastern Nepal for 17 years without electricity, running water, not enough for food and shelter. Basic needs were provided by United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the Red Cross, the United Nations, and...

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