THREE SCULPTURES BY Burlington’s Kate Pond, including “Adagio,” can now be seen in the Sheldon Museum’s garden. Photo courtesy of the Henry Sheldon Museum
MIDDLEBURY — Since 1966 the garden at Middlebury’s Henry Sheldon Museum of Vermont History has served as a relaxing, quiet escape for visitors to enjoy the colorful, period flowers and plants. Volunteer members of the Middlebury Garden Club have designed, planted and cared for the garden for decades. The garden is open to visitors from sunrise to sunset. Five new sculptures by three Vermont artists have been added to this in-town, outdoor oasis. At the entryway John Matusz of Waitsfield has installed his “Interrogative Statement #9,” of welded steel, metamorphic stone from the Mad River, and...
Six months have passed since Governor Scott declared a State of Emergency. Our community responded and has driven back COVID-19, to date experiencing the country’s lowest incidence even while finding our way back to dining and recreating. Throughout, we have abided by medical professional’s advice — focus on hygiene, maintain distance and wear masks when we can’t observe distance. Our essential workers proved we can function and live in this environment as long as we observe the necessary precautions and use common sense. Now our schools and college begin session and it’s critical we not let...
Let’s speak of a vision. As we sit mired in all things COVID, it may be difficult to envision Middlebury in 2021. But let’s look past the pandemic to a place we’d all rather be. As we course through 2021 with a re-invigorated spirit, we won’t accept masking, zoom meetings and social distancing as the “new normal.” The new normal we see will be a brand-new downtown, exciting new technology to reduce energy consumption, the resumption of commerce and economic  stability. Medical science will have by then reduced COVID to a has-been, perhaps a seasonal annoyance. Imagine the resumption of spring...
MIDDLEBURY — A second Middlebury College student has tested positive for COVID-19. This was the student’s second COVID-19 test. The first had been negative. “The student who tested positive was already in quarantine after learning of an exposure at home, and is now in isolation,” said Middlebury College Director of Health Services Mark Peluso in an announcement on the college website. “The student’s Day 0 arrival test was negative, and they learned about the possible exposure after arrival.” The Vermont Department of Health has been notified and will begin conducting contact tracing. In...

MIDDLEBURY COLLEGE GEOLOGY Professor Dave West explains how limestone is susceptible to deterioration over long periods of time, caused by acid levels in rain. With construction exposing downtown bedrock, West took the opportunity to explain what lies beneath our feet. Independent photo/Alexa Lapiner
MIDDLEBURY — The massive railroad tunnel construction project in the downtown has dug deep into Middlebury’s bedrock, exposing a deep-seated geology that most of us rarely — if ever — think about.  Turns out, these rocks that we can now see formed in a much different environment hundreds of millions of years ago and reveal an interesting story of tropical days and shifting plate tectonics.  This is an elementary review of the type of rock that underlies Middlebury, including some of what workers are blasting through to build the railroad tunnel.  The bedrock in the Middlebury area is mostly...
MIDDLEBURY — Middlebury residents this fiscal year will see an 8.9-cent increase in their local property tax rate, a jump that’s almost exclusively associated with rising school costs. The Middlebury selectboard in August set a fiscal year 2021 municipal property tax rate of 80.34 cents per $100 in assessed value, which is virtually level with the 2020 municipal rate of 80.26 cents. The residential education property tax rate, predicated on K-12 spending, comes in at $1.6261 per $100 in assessed value, up 8.82 cents compared to fiscal year 2020. So the total fiscal year 2021 property tax rate...
On behalf of the Middlebury Bridge & Rail Project team, I want to thank the National Bank of Middlebury and the Middlebury community in general for its cooperation and for its support of the men and women of our construction crew who are working to rebuild Middlebury’s downtown. Recently, as covered in the Addison Independent, the National Bank held a cookout for both the day and night shift crews, a total of some 60 workers. This is just one of the many ways in which the downtown community and the citizens of Middlebury have made us feel part of your town in the four years we have been...

Chief Tom Hanley
MIDDLEBURY — In his Emergency Management update to the Middlebury selectboard Tuesday evening, Police Chief Tom Hanley reported that a supply of cloth masks provided by the state is now available to Middlebury businesses for customer use. Better Middlebury Partnership (BMP) Director Karen Duguay is the point of contact for distribution. Hanley said the police department will also be distributing masks to local childcare facilities to supplement their own supplies and that masks are available to the general public. Citizens may simply stop by the PD facility at 1 Lucius Shaw Lane to request a...
MIDDLEBURY — The Porter Pediatric Primary Care practice will soon move from their current location at 1330 Exchange St. in Middlebury to a newly available space on the Porter Medical Center campus. According to PMC spokesperson Ron Hallman, this is a multi-phase project that involves major renovations as well as relocations of three different medical practices. “Rainbow Pediatrics vacated their space in Porter’s Collins building in 2019, providing an opportunity for the first phase of Porter Pediatrics’ move to campus,” Hallman said. “In January, major renovations to that space began in...

This image provided by Middlebury College shows a run-through of the COVID-19 testing site set up in Virtue Field House for every student to test for the coronavirus disease when they return to campus. A student who arrived on Wednesday, Aug. 26, tested positive and was put in isolation.
MIDDLEBURY — A Middlebury College student who arrived on campus Wednesday has tested positive for COVID-19 and is currently in isolation. “At this time, of the 783 students tested on Aug. 26, one received a positive result, 709 tests were negative, 58 are still waiting for results, and 15 will be retested due to insufficient samples,” said Middlebury’s Director of Health Services Mark Peluso in a campus-wide email. “This is the first positive case of COVID-19 in our campus community for the fall semester, and the student, who was not experiencing symptoms, is now in isolation housing...


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