Hannaford Career Center honors its top achievers

MIDDLEBURY — The following students were recognized as being the Outstanding Student in their career and technical program for the first quarter of the 2019-2020 school year at Hannaford Career Center:

Daniel Anguish, Engineering Design (VUHS); John Bent, Precision Measurement & CNC (MAUHS); Naomi Brightman, Visual Communications A (MUHS); Isaac Clifford, Intro to STEM B (MAUHS); Kai Correll, ART Performance (MAUHS); Gabe Cotell, ART Technical (MUHS); Courtney Curler, Sustainable Agriculture (MUHS); Grady Devoid, Automotive Technology II (VUHS); Aidin Giard, Wildlife Management (MUHS); Emily Gosliga, Human Services Foundation (Home); and Travis Guillemette, Conservation Equipment Operation (MAUHS).

Also Katie Heath, Plant & Animal Science (MAUHS); Lexy Huestis, Medical Professions II (MUHS); Dominic Kandzior, Automotive Technology I (MUHS); Journey LaRose, Human Services Fundamentals (MUHS); Aiden Lavigne, Culinary Arts (MAUHS); Owen Lawton, Intro to STEM A (MUHS); Alex Mencel, Diesel Power Technology I (MUHS); Elliot Nezin, Mechanical Science (MAUHS); Dawson Phillips, Diesel Power Technology II (MAUHS); Bella Seissen, Medical Professions I (MAUHS); Thatcher Trudeau, Construction Technology (MUHS); Noble Westbrook, Computer Science (MAUHS); Chris Wolak, Design & Illustration (MAUHS); and Nora Wootten, Visual Communications B (MUHS).

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