Editorial: Green Up's miraculous spirit

If you were hesitate to get out of the house last year to pick up the litter for Green Up Day, let’s double-down on our Green Up efforts this year by spending a couple hours each to make Addison County’s roadsides, parks and streams cleaner than ever.

Green Up Day is Saturday, May 1, and it comes with a few modern touches, including:

• There’s an App for that. That’s right, you can download the Green Up app that lets you be in communication with fellow community members on what streets need picking up, where others have been, and how much trash everyone has collected.

• You can also find out where to pick up the free Green Up Day trash bags in each town (your town clerk also knows, or go to: https://greenupvermont.org/towndetails/ for town by town details.

And remember to report the work that you and your neighbors do.

It’s not often that each of us can be part of a miracle, but each year we collectively make a big difference in cleaning up the state’s roadside waste and litter as a way to benefit the public good.

The miracle is that Vermonters have been doing this consistently for the past 51 years — ever since Gov. Deane Davis walked down I-89 picking up trash and closing down the interstate for a few hours in the process. We don’t expect anything that dramatic this weekend, and we know it’s not your litter that you are likely to be picking up, but your town and your state need your help to put a shine on this beautiful state of ours. By all of us pitching in, we can keep that miraculous spirit alive.

Angelo Lynn


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