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PORTER MEDICAL CENTER anesthesiologist Dr. Wesley Clark was all suited up with personal protective equipment, including a P-100 respirator, for work with COVID-19 patients during a recent stint at a New York City hospital.
I am an anesthesiologist at Porter Hospital in Middlebury, but I lived in New York City for over 20 years. When it became clear that the excellent work of Vermonters was turning our state into something of a COVID-19 success story, I volunteered late last month to go down and work in my old hometown. I was deployed for almost two weeks to a hospital in Queens, a very hard-hit part of the city. The minute I arrived, I could feel the difference. At Employee Health, several people (sometimes with their masks off) approached the desk to talk about their positive tests or their worrisome symptoms...

AMANDA SEARS, MA, (left) and Diana Tutelo, NP, are two of the critical staffers at Porter ExpressCare, which is trying to become more easily available to patients while maintaining protections from COVID-19.
SPONSORED CONTENT MIDDLEBURY — UVM/Porter Medical Center today changed some of the procedures for how it is operating its urgent care service as positive milestones are achieved in the battle against COVID-19. The goal is to make care more easily accessible. As part of UVM/Porter Medical Center overall response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Porter ExpressCare remained available to care for patients with urgent medical needs, operating during their regularly scheduled hours. However, early in the pandemic, ExpressCare changed two important access details in order to minimize exposure risk for...
SPONSORED CONTENT Interim Porter President Tom Thompson wanted to share the letters below to Porter and Helen Porter colleagues with the wider community. During National Nursing Home Week, we honor and acknowledge the incredible work, commitment and compassion of our Helen Porter Healthcare and Rehabilitation Staff.  They truly are inspiring "Healthcare Heroes" and are caring for our most vulnerable neighbors during this challenging time.  We cannot thank them enough, but we want them to know that they are appreciated and valued by our community and by our organization. Thank you.   During...

THIS TENT OUTSIDE Middlebury Primary Care off Exchange Street houses Porter’s recently opened “Acute Respiratory Clinic,” which allows clinicians to see pediatric and adult patients with COVID, ear infections, pneumonia, flu, asthma, COPD, and cardiac conditions in a space that can keep patient and caregiver safer from respiratory disease.
MIDDLEBURY — In addition to its telemedicine efforts, Porter Medical Center has taken a number of other steps to ensure it is handing the growing cases of COVID-19 in the safest and most efficient manner. Among those steps, Porter has: •  Firmly established an incident command system for COVID-19. Porter leaders meet regularly at 8:30 a.m. and in 3:30 p.m., sharing all relevant information so each person knows what’s going on in the different areas of the organization. This ensures no overlap in assignments or mission. •  Opened an Acute Respiratory Clinic (ARC), stationed at the Porter...
MIDDLEBURY — The Bristol, Middlebury and Vergennes American Legion posts are joining forces to thank Porter Medical Center workers for their service during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Post 19 in Bristol, Post 27 in Middlebury and Post 14 in Vergennes are each contributing $1,000 to buy pizza, salads and sandwiches to Porter workers as they toil away under stressful circumstances.  Porter officials are on guard for a possible surge of coronavirus cases. In the meantime, the hospital has already accommodated several COVID-19 patients, and has put in place security and screening measures to...
I was recently a patient at Porter Hospital. I want to thank and praise all people working in an atmosphere of uncertainty due to COVID-19. The nurses were kind and attentive with problems and issues in each of their own homes. They are hands-on in the rooms so their risk is high, as is the risk for nurses’ aids and physicians. But all are willing to show up and I was treated professionally and compassionately. I cannot thank them enough. I pray for the safety of all who are stepping up in the midst of this dreadful pandemic. Let’s support them in every possible way, for they are the heroic...

MIDDLEBURY — Porter Hospital has doubled, from three to six, its number of “negative-pressure” rooms in anticipation of a surge in COVID-19 patients that could come within the next two weeks, officials said on Tuesday. Negative-pressure rooms are designed to prevent potentially contaminated air from spreading to other areas of the hospital. Lower air pressure in a patient’s room allows air to flow into the room but not escape from it. While the local hospital’s census as of Tuesday included no coronavirus-positive patients, Porter officials are gaining experience with the malady, which has...
MIDDLEBURY — It is not surprising that doctors and first responders on the front lines of the effort to contain the coronavirus pandemic are wearing facemasks to protect themselves around contagious individuals. But officials have been telling members of the general public that they didn’t need masks when grocery shopping or stepping out in public. Now the U.S. Centers for Disease Control is reconsidering that advice, according to news reports. Due to the rising number of cases of COVID-19, the disease caused by coronavirus, government officials this week could update their advice and suggest...
MIDDLEBURY — This past weekend Middlebury College and Porter Medical Center announced preliminary plans to house some hospital staff on the college campus during the coronavirus pandemic. “We are working closely with Middlebury College operational leaders to identify appropriate housing for (Porter Medical Center) employees in high-risk areas who are working with our most vulnerable patients,” wrote Porter officials in a March 27 newsletter. “In the very near future we will be able to place staff who are interested in this housing option.” Housing would be provided for a small number of...
SPONSORED CONTENT MIDDLEBURY — Over the past month, Porter Medical Center has received many positive notes, emails and other expressions of appreciation to its staff, according to Vice President of Communications Ron Hallman. The hospital wanted to make it easy for community members to help bolster health care workers' spirits during this challenging time.  To that end, they've created a new "Gratitude Page." Feeling thankful for our tireless, fearless frontline health care workers? Drop them a line here.  


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