SCHOOL OFFICIALS ARE sometimes forced to make tough calls on whether a juvenile offender and his or her victim(s) can coexist on campus, and if so, how to make sure they are kept at a distance from one another and still receive equal access to school services.
Editor’s note: This story involves juvenile court cases, the details of which are sealed by the courts. The parents of victims in the case have agreed to speak on the condition of anonymity for themselves and their children. The juvenile victims in this case have been assigned pseudonyms selected by their parents. MIDDLEBURY — Addison County State’s Attorney Dennis Wygmans is preparing a notice to all local high schools advising officials about their obligations to not only provide equal access to public education, but also to ensure that sexual assault victims and their perpetrators are not...
For anyone who missed Angelo Lynn’s editorial in the Nov. 21 issue of this newspaper I am urging everyone to go back and read it. Read it again. What it says may be the most important idea for citizens in Vermont to think about now. It seems quite common wisdom these days that Vermonters can no longer bear the burden of the high taxes we pay and that the answer to this problem is school consolidation. Some communities (many communities?) will have to close their schools because they are no longer affordable. This will have devastating results for many towns where the schools have been the...
The lesson to be learned from the upcoming votes within the Addison Northwest School District to close the elementary schools in Addison and Ferrisburgh is plain: When a district school board moves too fast toward consolidating town schools, the blowback can be harsh and detrimental to long-term solidarity. A week before the Nov. 5 vote, residents in Addison have mounted an all-out campaign to defeat the proposed closing, and in Ferrisburgh the town selectboard is sending out a letter to all residents urging citizens to vote down the school district’s plan. Both are extraordinary signs of...
The ACSD School Board seems to be moving quickly in the direction of closing town schools. I strongly urge everyone from all towns to pay attention and become involved. Below is an edited version of the letter I wrote to our school board when they solicited public comments this past spring: “I am very upset that closing schools is the direction in which the board seems to want to move. Please reconsider and change directions. We should instead be working to strengthen ALL of our schools. “It seems to me that my opposition to school closures has often been minimized, as some feel I am overly...
On a local level, the issue of our times is how our newly formed school districts navigate through an era in which declining student numbers and rising costs make it difficult for small schools to operate economically, while also balancing the strengths that small schools derive from being a part of a very tight, supportive community. These are weighty issues that do not have easy answers. The economic facts that must be confronted are this: the demographics over the past 20 years have seen a consistent decline in most schools throughout Addison County; declining enrollment means declining...
Angelo Lynn
In the third of our summer series of discussion points, we’ll launch a one-time discussion into Act 46, the bill passed three years ago that mandated a consolidation of school governance with the expectations that school districts facing declining student counts might find ways to contain expenses. The upshot of that law and process has forced the topic of school consolidation to the forefront. Locally, the Rutland Northeast Supervisory District, representing the greater Leicester-Brandon-Pittsford area that comprises Otter Valley Union High School, has pursued school mergers ahead of the...

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